Dawn Development is a Florida based real estate development team specializing in developing and building commercial and residential properties and developments. We are currently focused on the Central and North Florida East Coast where our market analysis has lead us to the fastest growing area of Florida, in the Fastest growing state in the United States!

As an established Florida Real Estate Developer, we are well positioned in the current real property market. Our expertise allows us to identify the trends and needs of the market well ahead of the curve. Our success is based on our relationships and joint partnerships.

Join us on the dirt.

We offer you a place right with us as Joint Partners in construction. We are seeking financial partnerships for Construction and Real Estate Developments in Florida… Or join our development program and participate as joint partners in a longer term real property development and new construction.

It’s not just an investment, it’s a Partnership!

Unlike the other online real property investment services, which ask you to invest in them, our team is asking you to join us and together we get it done!

Partner with us!